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New five year temporary sponsored visa for parents

Turnbull government offers new pathway for family to reunite with parents

28 May 2017. Dessie Hristova

Good news for the parents of Australians who would like to come to Australia to spend an extended period of time with their children. Once the enabling legislation has passed through Federal Parliament, they  will be able to stay for a period of three years after paying a visa application fee of $5,000 or for five years after a payment of $10,000.


Parents will have to pay for comprehensive private health insurance for their stay and their children will accept legal liability for any outstanding public health debt their sponsored parent accrues.


The good news is that the temporary parent visa would not include a balance of the family test in its criteria which would open the doors for some parents who were previously not eligible for long term visas to stay with their Australian families.


If you would like to know more about the changes and your options please complete our webform and Sam or Dessie will get back to you for a 15-minute chat. Alternatively, book a one hour consultation to discuss the specifics of your case and receipt of advice on your unique circumstances.

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